Don’t Nod Teases New Retro-Themed Narrative Game

life is strange 3

Don’t Nod, the developer of Life is Strange, Remember Me, and Vampyr has tweeted a teaser image along with the information that an all-new narrative game is in development. In the image, we’re treated to a cosy, nostalgic view of a retro-themed gaming setup, with elements that point to a title that could be set in the 1990s.

That’s not all – the image was posted alongside a link that led to Don’t Nod’s careers platform, revealing a few vacancies in sound, game design, and animation departments. In the words of Don’t Nod, the team is looking for staff to work on ‘this new narrative game’.

Don’t Nod Is The Master of Narrative Games

Don’t Nod’s Life is Strange franchise debuted in 2015 to a relatively positive reception, even if some critics had issues with the writing of the base themes found in the game. It was expanded on with a prequel in 2017, a sequel in 2018, and then in 2021, another title dropped – but that wasn’t developed by Don’t Nod.

Life is Strange has been toted as an emotional, immersive franchise that touches upon some of the most sensitive topics in our modern society, and it does so quite well. Outside of Life is Strange, Don’t Nod was also responsible for the creation of Remember Me (2013) and Vampyr (2018), both solid games in their own right.

That brings us to today, and to the teaser image released by Don’t Nod on Twitter. Now, not much can be taken away from the image, but it is a cosy, nostalgic rendition of what looks like a home in the 1990s, with a retro gaming setup sitting in full view. There’s a stack of VHS tapes, an old-school CRT television, and a classic cartridge-loaded games console, just begging to be played.

At present, that’s all we can say about the new narrative game being developed by Don’t Nod. However, if the studio’s form is anything to go by, we could be in for another wild, emotional ride with whatever comes next.

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