Horizon Multiplayer Leak Reveals Alpha Gameplay and Art

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Hours ago, a twelve-minute clip showing alpha footage from the Horizon multiplayer project leaked online, along with key concept art that reveals quite clearly a unique art style and direction for the game.

In the leak, we’re exposed to several character models traversing a world that is unmistakeably Horizon but at the same time looks like a completely different game. There’s a colour palette that is reminiscent of Fortnite, and the textures have been reworked to appear brighter, less detailed, and lower-res than the main series.

Horizon’s Multiplayer Project Looks Promising

On Reddit, the twelve-minute video revealing the Horizon multiplayer alpha was leaked, prompting discussions into what was on display. From what appears to be base-building elements to a cartoony, Fortnite-esque art style that seems poles apart from the main series, Horizon’s multiplayer certainly appears to be – at least, at face value – a complete separation from Aloy’s saga.

There’s a diverse array of characters to choose from, all of which look a little Pixar-like in their appearance. There are portly, heavy-set heroes, and lithe, agile hunters. We’re given a glimpse at the usual array of robots that are typically found in Horizon, and for the most part, combat looks relatively similar to the main series.

At present, the Horizon multiplayer project looks like quite a basic premise – cooperative play in an open world with survival elements weaved in. It looks like a much smaller environment, but that may have just been for the purposes of the test.

With all that being said, the leaked content looks promising, even if the art direction is splitting the portion of the community that has discovered it. In the concept art that was uncovered, there’s a style used that can be closely compared to the concept art pieces created within the League of Legends or Tibia spaces.

The Horizon multiplayer project is currently in development by Guerrilla, but there’s no indication of when it’ll release.

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