Last of Us TV Show Renewed For Second Season

Was it obvious that this was an inevitable decision by HBO? It was revealed minutes ago that The Last of Us, the television series that has become an HBO record-breaking hit after just two episodes, has been renewed for a second season.

This news comes as no real surprise for fans and critics alike, as The Last of Us is quite literally shattering records and drawing in millions of viewers, the vast majority of whom are coming away seriously impressed with what’s on offer.

There are still seven episodes yet to be deployed in the first season, and already, fans are hooked and hungry for more.

The Best Live-Action Adaptation in History?

Well, when you take a game franchise that is, in essence, a cinematic masterpiece in itself, it makes sense that a live-action adaptation would perform to a similar standard. Nothing was guaranteed, of course, but there were high expectations for The Last of Us from the moment it was revealed, and now, it’s delivering massively on promises made and teasers released.

It was recently revealed that more than 22 million viewers have tuned into the premiere episode of The Last of Us. Then, when the second episode dropped, 5.7 million viewers watched the instant it was available, marking the largest audience increase between the first and second episodes for an original drama series in the history of HBO.

Not only that, but following the success of the television series, sales of The Last of Us Part I skyrocketed, with figures showing an increase of 230% in sales in the United Kingdom alone.

On review aggregate platforms, The Last of Us is performing extremely well, receiving generally high praise across the board. At the time of writing, Rotten Tomatoes shows TLOU as having an audience score of 96% and an average ‘Tomatometer’ of 97%, both extremely remarkable numbers.

Now, we can safely say that we’re a long way from the end, as a second season has been officially confirmed by HBO:

It’s fantastic news for fans of the franchise everywhere, as more of The Last of Us is never going to be a bad thing. That is unless you’re Naughty Dog, and you’re potentially considering not making a third game in the franchise…

At present, there’s absolutely no information on the second season of The Last of Us, but if the first portion of the series continues to unravel in as high a quality as it already has, it’s sure to be a guaranteed winner.

Stay away from those mushrooms.

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