Call of Duty’s DMZ Goes Pay to Win in Latest Update

roze and thorn pay to win bundles

Oh, boy – just when you thought they were getting back on track, they pull off something like this. In the latest update for Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 – Season Three – a bizarre decision has been made to include bundles that essentially offer up pay-to-win mechanics for DMZ, the ‘extraction shooter’ mode that was introduced to the platform in November 2022.

From weapons that boast clear advantages to a free UAV from the moment the match begins, these pay-to-win bundles have caused uproar in social circles surrounding the game. For a transaction featuring real-world cash, players can unlock these pay-to-win mechanics in a matter of seconds.

Read on – it gets better.

And The Controversy Features None Other Than…

Do you remember Roze, the controversial character from the original Call of Duty: Warzone title who was dressed head-to-toe in a dark black outfit? She was almost impossible to see in poorly-lit environments, and she essentially became a pay-to-win feature overnight.

Well, she’s back with a fresh scandal, hot off the press with Season Three of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare II. She has been around since the game debuted, but now, she’s at the heart of another controversy.

Following the Season Three update, pay-to-win bundles have begun surfacing, giving players clear advantages in DMZ, the platform’s PvPvE mode. There’s a bundle named ‘Roze and Thorn’, for example, which sets players back around £9 and unlocks a classic variant of this Operator – with a twist. With this bundle, Roze picks up an ability that grants her a permanent UAV, provided her gear slot is empty – which means players have that UAV enabled as soon as the game starts.

It’s being marketed as a ‘DMZ Bonus Effect’, and it isn’t just Roze’s character that has one.

For 1200 COD points (the Roze bundle is 1800 CP), players can also buy the Bomb Squad Operator bundle, which grants them an extra Active Duty Operator slot, meaning they’ve got an extra character ready and raring to deploy. Guess what? That bundle is the only way you can unlock that slot – but that isn’t all. It also gives players a free medium backpack at the start of every raid and gifts them a weapon that has a lower insurance cooldown than normal.

There’s a classic Ghost skin that gives a free two-slot armour vest.

And there’s a skin bundle for Konig that throws in a free self-revive.

DMZ just became pay-to-win.

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  1. Everyone that is making a big deal about this prolly doesn’t really play DMZ. While yes it is P2W by definition but the advantages aren’t that big considering how easy and quick it is to build the new 3 plate vest and scavenger bags. I wish the COD community would just shut up and play the game and quit complaining every little thing they try to do.

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