Immortals of Aveum Trailer Showcases ‘Magical FPS’

immortals of aveum trailer 11

Ascendant Studios has finally released an all-new Immortals of Aveum trailer, showcasing the upcoming game in all its magical, high-octane glory. It was revealed that the game will launch on July 20th, which proves that the rumours we reported less than a week ago were true.

Reportedly, according to those that have had insider glances at the project, Immortals of Aveum offers a unique and remarkable twist to the FPS genre, fusing intense magical abilities with the traditional feel of a first-person shooter. From what we’ve seen in early reports, it seems like Immortals of Aveum really is going to be a standout title, boasting a massive, open world, and rich, immersive story.

This Immortals of Aveum Trailer is Incredible

Personally, I’ve never been one for magical powers or supernatural abilities. I’ve never rated Doctor Strange, for example. I prefer wielding an assault rifle to a medallion or an amulet that gives me the ability to warp reality.

But with that being said, the new Immortals of Aveum trailer gave me chills.

From the moment the trailer kicks off, we’re treated to sumptuous visuals, with Ascendent showcasing a unique world simply teeming with original creations. It’s a trailer fit for Hollywood, with the perfectly-crafted soundtrack acting as a foundation upon which world-class acting can bloom.

There’s humour, there are some stony, serious moments, there are superhero landings, one-liners uttered by one of the most powerful-looking women I’ve ever seen, and the gameplay that’s shown in the footage looks satisfying, challenging, and genuinely intriguing.

This single-player epic will boast a twenty-five-hour campaign, which has been crafted over a series of several years. In the words of Brett Robbins, ex-Call of Duty and Dead Space director and now the director of Immortals:

I think we really managed to strike that balance of creating something that people will understand almost immediately, but then start to learn that there’s a lot more to it than a standard shooter, and that there are a lot of interesting abilities and things like that. So I feel like we’ve walked that line pretty well.

It’s customisable and dynamic and has been compared to franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers. Most importantly, it’s out very soon, and those eager to experience it won’t have to wait long until they assume control of Jak, a supremely powerful ‘Battle Mage’.

Immortals of Aveum drops on July 20th, and it’s launching (at full price) on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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