Warcraft Franchise GM John Hight Leaving Blizzard

World Of Warcraft War Within Trailer

In a new post on X, general manager of the Warcraft franchise John Hight announced they are leaving Blizzard after 12 years of work.

Throughout the lengthy thread, Hight thanked the Warcraft community for their support and passion for the franchise.

Although Hight said “it was a tough decision,” they did not explain exactly why they are stepping away. They also did not confirm what their next position could be. However, they did add that they plan to “explore new opportunities and challenges in the industry.”

Warcraft fans can at least look forward to Hight choosing to “continue making great games with talented people.” Hight also noted that Warcraft is currently “in an amazing position,” making their decision timely.

During the latest Xbox Games Showcase, World of Warcraft got a new trailer for the anticipated expansion The War Within.

Although it was cinematic, it did tease a variety of characters and confirm a concrete release date. The War Within will launch on August 26, 2024. The new trailer also teased a Welcome to Azeroth Bundle, available for a limited time.

So, World of Warcraft certainly continues to thrive, building hype and evolving. It is currently unclear who will take on Hight’s role for the Warcraft franchise at Blizzard. Although fans were dismayed Hight is moving on, many showed their support and excitement for Hight’s next position.

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