FromSoftware Boss Would Like a Bloodborne PC Port to Happen

bloodborne remake

FromSoftware Boss Hidetaka Miyazaki finally addressed the highly requested PC port for Bloodborne during an interview with PCGamer. Miyazaki clarified before expressing that it was not his place “to talk about Bloodborne specifically” as FromSoftware doesn’t own the IP for the title; it rests in the hands of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game’s publisher. Any decision regarding a PC port would ultimately be up to Sony. However, Miyazaki adds that he is 100% sure that the team at FromSoftware desires a PC port. 

Miyazaki expanded that as “one of the creators of Bloodborne”, he naturally wants “more players to be able to enjoy it”. Miyazaki further spoke about how Bloodborne is a “coming of age game” now, and these types of titles from the past have a chance of being forgotten due to older hardware”. He adds that he is “not opposed to” the Bloodborne PC port as it will be an “opportunity for players to be able to experience that and relive this relic of the past.” Miyazaki being open to a Bloodborne PC port is indeed thrilling, but the truth is that we still need to find out whether we will receive a PC port for the title from Sony’s mouth. 

On the other hand, gaming news source Jeff Grubb has provided a different perspective. According to Grubb, a Bloodborne PC port with FromSoftware involved is “just not happening at the moment”. He suggests that FromSoftware’s time is too valuable, and Sony may not be willing to ‘pay the premium’ to secure the port. Grubb concludes that we’ll unlikely see the developers working on a ‘one-console exclusive’ again.

Will we ever receive a PC port for Bloodborne? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Instead of this just remake Otogi 1 & 2 and make Otogi 3. While they’re at it port Ninja Blade to PC and make a new Tenchu or outsource it to Acquire.

  2. Colin Moriarty a while back said that Bluepoint was making something he alluded it was a sequel not a remake. Honestly would prefer if Bluepoint did something else like God Of War 1-3 remake, Ico, Jak & Daxter, Panzer Dragoon, or Siren over that. Also if this is true then Sony should sell their stake in From Software sell it back to Kadokawa or sell it to Tencent if what Jeff says is true about From Software not wanting to make another console exclusive.

  3. From Software should work with Hideyuki Kikuchi on a new IP take all his works and combine it into 1.

  4. I would rather they do something else move on from Bloodborne. Make a cyberpunk sci-fi souls like game, bring back Otogi, go back to Tenchu any of those is better.

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