Xbox June Update Improves Background Personalisation and More

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Xbox’s June Update is live for consoles, accessories, PCs, and Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta). The update will introduce new features, firmware updates, tools, and more. 

Xbox Home Backgrounds 

Starting with Xbox consoles, there are improvements towards Home Backgrounds. Earlier, players would have to pick and choose between dynamic backgrounds and game art for their home background. However, after the June update, this will not be a problem anymore. Players can choose the game art they wish to display through the new settings options while their favourite dynamic background is selected. The new options are as follows: “Settings > General > Personalization > My Background > Show selected game art.” Additionally, another tool will allow you to adjust the colour of your dynamic background without changing your profile colour. 

Managing Wireless Networks and Subscriptions

The subsequent new feature for Xbox consoles makes it easier to change Wi-Fi networks. After the June update, the console will also remember ten wireless networks. Forgetting and disconnecting from these connections has also been made easier through the “Manage wireless networks and Manage my networks” options in the Network settings. Also, managing subscriptions is more accessible after the June update through the new ‘Change subscription’ option. 

Experimental Features

Interestingly, Xbox will try experimental features on select users after the June update. The new features include the ability to search for other Xbox players through console search, tweaks to the Game Pass page layout and style, more information for search card results and flashcard store buttons. 

Xbox Wireless Controller Gets a Firmware Update

The latest firmware update is for the Xbox Adaptive controller, which will receive “expanded support for more connected USB accessories.” Through the June update, each port will support up to 12 buttons, an additional stick, and a hat switch. Additionally, the firmware will incorporate some bug fixes and improve wireless disconnects for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. 

Xbox PC Gaming Update

Xbox was previewing a new sub-navigation experience for select Xbox players on PC back in April, and after the June update, this tool is now available for all PC players using the Xbox App. The Game Pass tab will now have categories for players to access all titles from Xbox Game Studios, EA Play, and Riot Games that can be played through their membership. Also, EA Play and exclusive Riot Games benefits are available through PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. 

Xbox Cloud Gaming Updates

Players can now self-manage game dates and cloud saves for Xbox Cloud Gaming titles through the Samsung Smart TV app or other supported cloud gaming devices. This new option will improve players’ troubleshooting when dealing with corrupted data or trying to start over. 

Moreover, mouse and keyboard support is now available for all players. Players must select the Play with mouse and keyboard collection in the Cloud Gaming tab to find all supported games. 

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