Closed Beta For Former GTA Producer’s Everywhere Starts Next Week

Everywhere closed beta

Everywhere, the expansive upcoming game from former Rockstar North President and GTA producer Leslie Benzies’ Build A Rocket Boy, is getting a closed beta starting next week.

This closed beta, what Build A Rocket Boy is calling the “Builders Beta”, launches June 18 on PC and focuses on the game’s ARCADIA building tools and publishing system. The tools players have access to are the “same tools Build A Rocket Boy use to create content” in the game.

“Everywhere is a haven for limitless creativity,” the studio says. “We credit everyone’s contribution, so each game will have a full list of users who made it possible through the elements they created independently or together.”

The game is similar in nature to Media Molecule’s Dreams, in which players can go in and create their own games, experiences, or help expand other players’ creations.

“Everywhere is designed to share the joy of not just playing games, but also creating them with no coding experience required,” they said. “By combining ARCADIA, our powerful building tools, self-publishing system, and library of assets, with the diverse creativity of our players, we hope to serve all interests delivering high quality gameplay, from the niche to mainstream.”

Invites for the Builders Beta are going to be sent out to those invited in waves ahead of the June 18 start date. For a chance to get access to the beta, you need to sign up for a Build A Rocket Boy account.

Those who were a part of the game’s Alpha will automatically have access to the Builders Beta

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  1. This game has so much potential. NetEase should buy the studio if they need more funding. This is the game that will be big it could honestly hurt GTA.

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