Tarkov Update Adds Loot Crates And That Cool Cultist Jacket

tarkov update

Battlestate Games has just added Patch to Escape from Tarkov, introducing a few new elements and tweaking some existing aspects of the game. At the heart of this update sits loot crates – a new reward-based mechanic that ties Escape from Tarkov closer to Tarkov: Arena. With this new feature, players can unlock a series of loot crates in EFT for completing various tasks in Tarkov: Arena.

Also, that cool Cultist Jacket has been added, but it’s exclusively available for those with The Unheard Edition of the game… For now.

Tarkie Drip

Those who purchased The Unheard Edition – or who do so going forward – can secure the Cultist Jacket, a long, black coat that has a handy hood built in. The catch is you can’t wear a helmet if you want to equip the hood, but that’s okay. It’s worth it to look super cool. This was one of the items promised to players when The Unheard Edition was revealed several weeks ago, promptly causing a huge controversy and forcing Battlestate Games into something of a hole.

If the awesome Cultist Jacket isn’t enough to whet your appetite, how about soaking up some of the new loot crates that BSG has added? For completing daily and weekly tasks in Tarkov: Arena, you’ll now unlock in EFT:

  • Equipment Crate
  • Weapon Crate
  • Supply Crate
  • Valuables Crate

There’s something for every item category in the game, and it’s assumed that you can unlock some fairly juicy items in these loot crates. Otherwise, what would be the point in chasing them down? The only catch is that you’ll need Workbench LL2 in your Hideout to open them.

Elsewhere, BSG updated how ballistic plate colliders work and tweaked the maximum protection area of every plate. That means that a single plate now offers wider coverage. Also, the Mark of the Unheard device now only works in PvE mode (lol) and Edge of Darkness and The Unheard Edition players have unique dog tag appearances and a reduction in insurance return times.

That’s everything!

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