Helldivers 2 Story Mode: ‘Not Happening, Sorry Bro’

helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 is still proving to be a successful game since being released globally in February 2024. It became something of a cult sensation, with millions of players pouring into the game that was released on PlayStation 5 and PC at the start of the year. It was regarded as an overnight sensation, offering unparalleled multiplayer-fuelled entertainment and constant updates from Arrowhead Studios, the game’s developer.

Recently, the topic of a Helldivers 2 story mode came up again. It’s not present in the game, and given the most recent sentiment, it’s highly unlikely it’ll ever wind up becoming a thing.

‘Sorry Bro’

On Twitter, one hopeful user probed the CEO of Arrowhead Studios, asking if the team could create a story mode for the game ‘with epic moments and tragic scenes’. Unfortunately for those still holding out hope that a deeper narrative will find its way into Helldivers 2, the CEO of Arrowhead responded with a definitive statement:

Not happening. Sorry bro. That’s like building an entirely new game.

Helldivers 2 can be played solo, but it’s currently not recommended owing to the crushing difficulty of the game and the inherent challenges it presents. It was built for team-based play, that’s for sure.

Like a story mode, it seems unlikely that Arrowhead Studios will ever implement a solo-exclusive mode to the game, as that would require re-writing how the game behaves and how combat works, and it’s a question of whether the investment is worth the reward.

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