Starfield Gets Review Bombed as Bethesda Upsets More Gamers

starfield review bomb

Starfield seems to be intent on slipping as far down the charts as possible as time goes on. Last year, Starfield finally hit the market after years of development and hype from Bethesda Game Studios, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. It was found by many to be a lacklustre title that felt rather barren, hampered by archaic issues that made it seem outdated and stale.

Today, things still haven’t improved for Starfield. Players are getting tired of waiting for a release date for the game’s first major expansion, it has withered to nothing on streaming and content creation platforms, and now, thanks to short-sighted decisions by Bethesda, it’s being review-bombed on Steam.

That Old Chestnut

Every time a developer makes a decision that the community doesn’t like, the game in question will be review-bombed on Steam. It’s such a tradition now, and it’s becoming more common because – in recent months – it has worked in favour of the gamers, with some disruptive decisions being reversed (Helldivers 2 x PSN springs to mind).

Starfield is the latest title to face the wrath of gamers, but it’s for a valid reason. Recently, Bethesda Game Studios opened up official modding tools on Starfield and introduced elements like the Creation Club, which has previously surfaced on Fallout 4 and Skyrim. However, in typical BGS fashion, some of the mods introduced as part of the platform update were tucked neatly behind a paywall, which naturally angered fans worldwide, thus leading to the review bombing.

It’s not a new concept, but it’s new for Starfield, and that’s all that matters.

Recently, Bethesda showed off a trailer for Starfield’s Shattered Space expansion, which was revealed long before the game was released – but it still doesn’t have a launch date. Players worldwide are growing tired of Starfield and moving on to other titles, leaving Starfield to shrivel into a shell of its former self not even one year after launch.

I mean, I’d forgotten about Starfield a month after it came out.

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    1. The bland ass UE powered remasters, remakes and sequels that you love so much are Meh.

    2. I got into starfield because of my love for space games but now iv ditched starfield to play star citizen it’s much better in content massively multi-player and constantly striving to be better and alot more fun when it comes to flying and missions it’s got some kinks like most games but it’s fun as hell, but being a Bethesda fan is what drew me to starfield, it’s unfortunate that theirs not much to the game and you can’t play with other players, and show off builds or battle each other leaving the universe to feel sparse bare and lonely and the ship designs are mediocre at best, I love Bethesda but starfield is hot garbage in comparison to starcitizen despite star citizen being on an outdated game engine it still way more fun and you can even manually land your ship everywhere top that off with flight simulation controls and hardflying with friends theirs nothing better right now. Also looking for players to help fly my ship through the unknown on star citizen….. on another note I’m sorry Bethesda but stick to single player fallout or elder scrolls, you had something with Skyrim,oblivion etc, much love Bethesda but your space game need help before I think about touching starfeild again so sad.

  1. A bunch of whiny children. I’m ignoring the review bombings. Nothing is going to dissuade me from this game or any additional content that gets released.

    1. I agree with you. This review bombing trend is insane. Skyrim and FO4 did the same thing and no review bombing. I’m sick of it. I’m going to play it no matter what.

      1. You are sick of what? People and communities standing up to companies nickel and diming us every chance they get while not following through on what has been promised? I don’t get people like you. This is exactly what we as a society need. Communities to come together and stand up and take action. It works.

      2. I’m with you, its people who are trying to make money off playing the game on streams or who are making videos that are all butt hurt since they can’t monetize the new content.

      3. Don’t ask questions, don’t challenge anything. Just buy more product and get excited for new product. At least the review bombers aren’t mindless zombies.

      4. Difference is they’ve been pissing people off with the creation club bs. Stop making excuses for tone deaf devs doing the same dumb shit that people didn’t like 10 years ago

      5. Awesome to see people willing to think for themselves and not follow the herd. I’m with you and MatureGamer 100%. Negative reviews will not keep me from living my Han Solo and Mandolorian fantasy. Power to the Gamers!

      6. I get the sentiment behind your comment, but you’d be just as disappointed if a game you loved decided to flush your dreams and wishes down the shitter and you tried to take a stand just for some uneducated fuck to sit there and tell you that they didn’t care about all the negative feedback the fans were generating. It’s negative to a reason, it’s negative for a cause. Don’t pretend that there’s no merit. You can at least see, even if the criticism is going overboard, you can see the complaints. But to pretend none if it exists is wild.

    2. Imagine not understanding why selling microtransactions when the game is still barebones as hell is making people upset. Imagine shilling for a company this much even. Lmao, no wonder the gaming industry is in free fall when people like you exist. You people never hold corporate accountable for their work. It baffles my mind how you guys are this blind and ignorant. Willingful gobbling up whatever slop they make without a thought at all. Keep consuming till that slop turns into waste.

    3. This game was so bad imop. I was so excited, paid extra for early access and once I realized the story was literally just a fetch quest I was done. Not to mention the amount of loading scenes. I forgot about the game after a week.

    4. Truth. If a game isn’t COD or Fortnight, the children always whine. Play the game and decide for yourself, I’m glad I did. It’s a blast and super deep. 49 days 17 hours of playtime in and I’m still finding new stuff. Amazing

  2. Oh damn, content costs MONEY?!? Bunch of entitled douchebags expecting everything for free.

  3. Bethesda can’t cater for everyones finicky tastes , the game is good , if you can’t wait for the expansion pack to come out ,then you have serious problems, I am just playing it steadily and taking my time with it.

  4. So people are review bombing because the dlc doesn’t have a release date bunch of fucking children grow up or is that too hard for you how about you go review bomb games that need it like EA, Tencent, and Ubisoft games

  5. I’m sick of people like Grant Taylor-Hill forever bashing Xbox and or star field or anything that Xbox does dude stfu and quit guzzling Sonys nuts star field isn’t that bad it’s actually good when you take the time to actually enjoy it instead being on the bandwagon you didn’t have to bash the game for likes and attention is the game perfect no is like how you absolutely not grow tf up

  6. Most Sony games are cookie cutter 3rd person fighters with hours of boring cutscenes, that are MEH.

    Starfield is different than the norm, I really enjoy it. Can’t wait for the expansion.

  7. This is NOT a game that’s worth playing for 10 years, as Bethesda claimed. It is devoid of character. There’s no desire to return after beating it once. It is simply awful. Bethesda became obsolete as soon as Skyrim was released.

  8. I mean the game was barely mid doesn’t even warrant me rating it period let alone bombing it. If you like it play it but stop acting like the criticisms the game receives are personal attacks on you grow up and shut up.

  9. People didn’t do it to F04 or Skyrim for a couple reasons. One, review bombing wasn’t really a popular thing back then, plus also back then it wasn’t a very popular thing to “update” your review after you’ve made it. Essentially when it happened people didn’t care enough to go through the effort of review bombing it. The second reason is because both F04 and Skyrim are generally considered good games, whereas Starfield is considered by many to be mediocre, if not bland. When the creation club hit the previous games there was still enough to love about it that it didn’t hurt their opinion of the games, now however there’s not that same level of respect for Starfield, making it a much easier target to slander after releasing something as predatory and vile as paid mods.

  10. Kids these days, smh… Starfield is a good game. The review bombs won’t hamper me from enjoying the game.

  11. Honestly, I really like Starfield and live the direction their going. True Bethesda fans know that Bethesda has always been really great at listening to us and our wants. It takes time to give us what we want. Me personally, I’m hoping for robots to be a customizable battle buddy. I’m willing to wait. Thanks for listening to the gamers Bethesda.

  12. I feel the review bombing is warranted. It’s a feasible sign that most of the people playing it are not satisfied with it. But it seems like this happens to games that are in development for a long time. Bethesda straight up forgot an ending for the game so they threw in a placeholder one for release and just called it good. They have been trying to hype the game and the dlcs but it’s not a good game. Hell it’s barely a mediocre game. I haven’t even finished it. And I really have no interest in finishing it. Especially with such a lackluster barely thought out story with a half assed ending. And no thought into the majority of the game. They have even said in interviews that they spent most of the time of development on the space travel and that even feels half assed. This is just a turd topping a shit sundae. But you have to expect that not every game they release is going to be good. Only the fanboys will be all over it regardless

  13. Such a boring game that literally nobody asked for. We could all be enjoying ES6 right now and FO5 could be releasing teasers to keep the hype from the show flowing. But nope. Todd wanted to make a crappy space game that nobody asked for and not only that but waste time and resources from the main studio to make it. And it is crappy, like, if you want a sim, play Star Citizen, if you want an RPG play Mass Effect. Starfield is a game trying to be both at once and failing spectacularly.

  14. Feel free to play the game, no one is stopping you, but everything this game is getting right now is 100% deserved. Still has broken questlines, charging 60$ for a single expansion, objectively the worst leveling system in the series. Admittedly, the creation kit stuff specifically isn’t what should be provoking the bombing, but deserved all the same. Not even going to go into the quality dip that’s been going on since Skyrim and crappy decisions that have been going on since Oblivion, but at least it had one of the best expansion packs in Bethesda history and didn’t charge you 60$ for jt.

  15. Choices are yours, you don’t have to bandwagon with everyone else who are against being charged more money for paying $60+ for a full game experience but recieve content worth $35 after a year later. Mods IMO should always be free, unless you’re commissioning a mod, then you and anyone else asking for said mod should pay the modder. But anyways hope you enjoy the game for what content it does provide at it’s current state.

  16. I don’t understand Bethesda as a company. Why are they so slow? I’ve seen talk about their team being only so big, but they are profitable company, now owned by Microsoft. Why not grow bigger and speed things up?

  17. It is asinine that audiences posting their negative reactions to shitty content is now just marked down as ‘review bombing’ but if it is all clearly fake positive reviews and feedback written by bots no one calls it out.

    Starfield sucks and the shilling of people unwilling to admit it is a bad game isn’t going to change that.

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