Valve Has Filed to Trademark Deadlock

valve new game deadlock Neon Prime

As first spotted by Twitter/X user @Tyler_McV, Valve Corporation has now filed to trademark Deadlock via USPTO.

According to the USPTO status page, Valve only just filed for the Deadlock trademark on May 30, 2024. It is now live and pending, awaiting examination, which finally marks another step forward for the game.

It may give curious fans a better idea of the potential release window. Insider Gaming has supported a possible release for Deadlock is 2025.

All of the leaked footage online may also hint at the current state of Deadlock’s development. There has been a surprising volume of growing leaks, including over 100 in recent weeks.

Insider Gaming also reported on new rumors and provided exclusive details on all of the characters coming to Deadlock. The characters will include magicians, robots, creatures, humans, and more.

Leaks suggest that Deadlock will be a hero-based, third-person shooter featuring 6v6 matches. There have also been comparisons to DOTA’s gameplay loop. Fortunately, further news may be coming soon, following the trademark.

It would make sense for Valve to reveal more after so much of the game has recently leaked online. Just last week, brand-new gameplay videos surfaced, revealing quite a lot. Deadlock appears to be in its Alpha testing stage. It was previously known as Neon Prime.

At this time, Valve has not officially announced anything about Deadlock or its trademark.

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