V Rising Legacy of Castlevania Crossover is Coming to PC May 8th

V Rising Legacy Of Castlevania

As part of today’s Triple-I Initiative, a new trailer reveals that the anticipated V Rising – Legacy of Castlevania crossover is coming to PC on May 8th. It will be available via Steam.

Unfortunately, today’s trailer couldn’t confirm a concrete date for the PlayStation release. The trailer does say that Legacy of Castlevania will arrive on PlayStation 5, sometime in 2024.

The PC release, however, will actually coincide with V Rising’s anticipated full release, which the devs announced last month.

Today, Stunlock Studios and Konami showcased a lot of gameplay from the upcoming collaboration. It also teases that players will actually get to battle Simon Belmont, the iconic protagonist from the Castlevania series.

Belmont will make a natural addition to V Rising’s flexible, expansive open world and atmosphere. The most recent DLC was the Sinister Evolution Pack, which released in May 2023.

PlayStation fans might be disappointed that they’ll have to wait a little longer for the Castlevania crossover. But the game is barely launching onto PC in May. So, it makes sense that the devs might want to take a little time and ensure a smooth launch.

The PlayStation wait shouldn’t be too long though, since the release window is still set for 2024. At the very latest, V Rising will probably want to capitalize on the Halloween season. However, the devs have not officially confirmed anything.

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