V Rising Full Release is Coming to PC on May 8th

According to a new tweet and release date trailer, the full launch for V Rising is coming to PC on May 8th, with a PlayStation version still coming this year.

Today’s trailer reiterates that a PlayStation 5 port is still “TBA 2024”, but it does not confirm a release window.

V Rising, a gothic open world survival game about vampires from developer Stunlock Studios, first launched into Early Access in 2022. The game continues to earn “Very Positive” reviews from critics and players alike on Steam.

Today’s trailer is only cinematic, so it doesn’t tease any new gameplay, features, or other improvements.

The devs did a decent job of listening to player feedback throughout Early Access, so V Rising has already evolved a lot. But the full release version plans to add even more ambitious new features.

This includes a variety of typical content such as new biomes, weapons, and enemies. However, there will also be more base building options, QOL upgrades, and even improved system performance.

The devs did not explain why the PlayStation 5 version is taking a bit longer than the PC version. So, it’s unclear if that port will be delayed, since the PC release already has a concrete date.

However, it will surely be worth the wait for a smooth launch. For now, development seems to be on track. There’s no word on support for other platforms just yet.

Fans may also recognize Stunlock Studios for games like Battlerite Royale, Bloodline Champions, and Dead Island: Epidemic. However, those titles didn’t reach the heights of V Rising.

For now, vampire fans might also look to Vampire Survivors. It continues to feature regular updates, and just had a major Among Us crossover in December 2023.

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