RuneScape Publisher Jagex Appoints New Chairman

old school runescape sailing

In a new press release, RuneScape publisher Jagex announced that Marc Allera will join the team as the new Chairman of the Board.

Jagex CEO Phil Mansell stated that “Marc’s expertise in large-scale consumer businesses, entertainment brands and fan communities is ideal for the ambitions we have for taking Jagex to the next level”.

Today’s press release adds that Jagex plans to “make continued improvements to the existing RuneScape games with new content and features for players”.

The publisher will also improve accessibility “on various platforms”. In a particular highlight, Jagex announced plans to reinvest in “new IP content to create the exciting games of tomorrow”.


Marc Allera leads popular consumer brands BT, EE, and Plusnet. They also serve as Chair of Board for the BT Sport and TNT joint venture.

In the gaming industry, Allera previously worked at SEGA as a General Manager during the Dreamcast launch.

This was earlier in Allera’s career, so some fans might be a little confused. But Allera did explain how their expertise will support Jagex. Allera will “[work] with the leadership team and new owners CVC and Haveli to invest and help drive success”.

Allera will support Jagex’s plans for RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, “and other titles”.

This may refer to titles like SCUM, an open world survival game from developer Gamepires. SCUM has been in Early Access for years on PC. But the official SCUM Twitter account did tease that the game is also coming to Xbox with the 1.0 release.

RuneScape, a high fantasy MMORPG, launched in 2020 to solid Steam reviews. Last month, reports surfaced suggesting that Jagex could be in talks for a $1.1 billion buyout.

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