SCUM Is Coming to Xbox With The 1.0 Update

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It has been revealed through SCUM’s socials that the game is coming to Xbox platforms with the 1.0 update. First released exclusively on PC back in 2018, SCUM is an open-world, relatively complex zombie survival game with a unique premise, putting players on an island filled with bloodthirsty zombies and charging them to survive while they’re ‘watched’ by viewers on a gruesome television show.

Prepare for SCUM

In the game’s description on Steam, SCUM ‘aims to evolve the multiplayer open world survival game with unprecedented levels of character customisation, control, and progression.’ It has been relatively well received since it was released back in 2018, picking up almost 80,000 reviews on Steam that are regarded as being ‘Mostly Positive’.

This Jagex-backed game has been in early access for more than five years, but the 1.0 update is on the horizon, and when that drops, so too will the Xbox edition of the game.

There are apparently plenty of things being reworked as part of the 1.0 update, including changes to the UI, crafting, visuals, sounds, and the overall stability of the game. It’s a huge deal for a title to leave early access and officially be regarded as a ‘1.0’, so there will definitely be big things in store for SCUM.

With an enormous, diverse map, multiplayer mechanics, and a gameplay loop that’s reminiscent of DayZ and Rust, SCUM has managed to hold its own in the zombie survival niche for some years, but things could be set to ramp up with the game launching on Xbox at some point in the near future with the 1.0 update.

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