Last of Us Season 2 Filming Delayed Because Pedro Is Just Too Busy

last of us season two

In a recent update on the state of play for HBO’s The Last of Us, it has been suggested that filming for the show’s highly anticipated second season has been delayed again. This time, it has been claimed that the delay is because of Pedro Pascal’s packed filming schedule, which has him tied up and working on projects like Gladiator 2 and Fantastic Four, among other things.

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The Last of Us started airing in January 2023, and by March, the final episode – Look For The Light – had dropped, bringing an end to the first season of the show and aligning it perfectly with the ending of the first game, which was released back in 2013. We’re now on the edge of our seats as we await the deployment of season two, which will likely tell the tale of Ellie and Joel’s adventures in The Last of Us Part II.

However, it’s not yet known how that story will unfold. It became apparent in the first season that Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, the show’s writers, have leveraged their creative license to twist the story up a little bit, compared to the game. We saw entirely new characters introduced, new storylines developed, and some scenes omitted entirely.

It has been suggested that filming for this second season has now been pushed back to February 20, 2024 – a sizeable delay. It’s not expected to wrap until September 9, 2024, which means it would be 2025 – a full two years later – that we get access to the second season.

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