The Division Heartland Has Been Rated, Suggesting an Early 2024 Release

The Division Heartland has been rated by the Taiwanese rating board, suggesting that the game could be released in early 2024.

First spotted by Twitter use Kurakasis, the game received its rating on October 14, 2023. The game was rated for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, it was revealed.

Despite the rating suggesting that the game could be released soon, Ubisoft has a tendency to internally and publically delay its games. The Division Heartland was scheduled to be released sometime this year, but has been delayed several times.

The rating does suggest the game is nearly completion though and we could see an announcement soon.

In late 2022, 40 minutes of The Division Heartland gameplay leaked online, with Insider Gaming reporting that the game entered Closed Beta in October 2022.

Officially, The Division Heartland is an extraction-based free-to-play shooter where players need to battle it out in the game’s fictional location Silver Creek.

The official description reads, “Risk your arsenal and supplies every time you venture out into Silver Creek. Keep moving to survive enemy conflict, dehydration and the lethal contamination that’s overtaken the town. Tackle a variety of goals while building up your armory at your Base of Operations (BOO). Each successful operation allows you to complete more missions, and unlock unique abilities, new map areas, and crucial functions at your base. Die before you extract… and come back empty-handed.”

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