The Division Heartland Moves to Closed Beta

It’s understood that The Division Heartland has moved to its closed beta for the first time since playtests began.

Although it might not seem like a significant update for some, it is for the playtesters that have been testing the game for around 18 months.

Several sources, who have been involved in the playtest of the game in some capacity have recently expressed frustration that the game wasn’t moving along at a decent pace.

However, this new update means that we’re getting ever so closer to the game finally releasing.

Ubisoft has not announced any open Beta dates for the game, but it did announce that you can sign up for a Closed Beta test by following this link.

It’s understood that this latest test spans from October 3rd – October 8th.

No exact release date has been given on The Division Heartland, but the free-to-play title is expected to release sometime in 2023.

The Division Heartland is a PvPvE extraction shooter set in the Division universe. The goal, just like most extraction-based games is to complete PvE missions, gather gear, activate alerts, and safely evacuate.

It’s understood that the game will feature matches of up to 45 players over several different types of gamemodes.

The Division: Heartland will feature one massive map named Silver Creek where gas creeps in over time and also from random locations. After extracting, players will go to their hideout called the Base of Operations where they can manage their resources.

Selling gear, upgrading weapons, buying new cosmetics etc. is the purpose of the Base of Operations, referred to as BOO (good for Halloween I guess).

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