Vampire Survivors Team Announces Among Us Crossover

Vampire Survivors Among Us Crossover

Following today’s Day of the Devs celebration, a new official tweet has revealed that Vampire Survivors will release an Among Us crossover on December 18th.

The collaboration is a DLC titled Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting, and it will be available on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Although other platforms won’t be supported at this time, the tweet does confirm that others will follow:

Poncle also released a full trailer. Although it’s mostly cinematic, there is a glimpse of gameplay. It also adds that the DLC will come to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices “soon”:

Vampire Survivors is already expected to receive an animated TV series adaptation. So, this trailer also serves as an example of the show’s potential. It’s full of energetic imagery and music, with some pretty creative ideas at work.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal much about any large gameplay changes. The Among Us characters are ripe for unique abilities and more, with their own set of amusing and interesting lore.

The brief images revealed today mostly show off area of effect actions, and a couple of familiar cosmetics.

A new official Steam page confirms there will be 15 new weapons, a replica of Polus to explore, 9 new characters and 6 themed music tracks.

Although the developers have not confirmed pricing, both Vampire Survivors and its DLCs have been surprisingly inexpensive. Like other DLCs, Emergency Meeting will likely cost under $5 USD.

Among Us is a decent fit, since the characters are in constant mortal danger. It’s also a superb celebration of indie development, either way.

Hopefully, the announcement draws even more attention to the Day of the Devs event for next year.

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