Vampire Survivors Is The First Game With a ‘Festive’ Update

vampire survivors whiteout

It’s the time of the year again, folks. In a few weeks, we’ll see festive updates announced by all comers. There will be special holiday-themed events witnessed far and wide across the industry, from Grand Theft Auto to Call of Duty, and beyond. Maps will be bursting at the seams with white snow and blinking fairy lights, and there will be rewards to be unlocked by players across many live service titles.

There’s one developer that’s getting the upper hand on the industry by rolling out a festive-themed update now. In the words of that developer – Poncle – ‘if big-named stores can do it, why can’t we?’ That’s why the latest update for Vampire Survivors – the BAFTA-award-winning game – is named ‘Whiteout’, and is snow-themed.

It’s Never Too Early, Right?

In a one-minute-long trailer dripping with festive garlands and snowy overlays, Poncle shared information regarding its most recent update to Vampire Survivors. Earlier this year, Vampire Survivors took the world by storm after winning some of the most prestigious awards in the business – and it has continued to soar ever since.

Recently, the game hit 200,000 reviews on Steam and sits with a rating that marks the feedback as being ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’.

In the latest update for Vampire Survivors, players can complete a few steps to gain access to Whiteout, an all-new bonus stage. Alternatively, they can use a cheat code to get instant access – ‘buriedinthesnow’. Once in Whiteout, players must survive for twenty minutes and enter the post-game sequence to complete the stage.

And yes, everything is covered in snow and festive-themed.

There are new enemies, weapons, a new playable character – She-Moon Eeta – and some new music. It doesn’t end there, though – Poncle also confirmed in a post on Steam that it’s working on a feature named ‘Adventures’, which ‘needs a bit more time in the oven’ before it’s released. With Adventures, players will be able to enjoy ‘remixed content of the base game’.

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