Undisputed Boxing Career Mode Is Launching In February

Undisputed Career Mode

Steel City Interactive has announced that its boxing game Undisputed will be getting its career mode and character creator in an update in February.

Announcing it via social media and YouTube, Steel City Interactive said the update with the modes will come on February 12 after being delayed last year. It will also be the “seventh and final content update in early access”. That means the next major update after this next one will be when the game leaves early access with a full launch.

“The reason this will be our final major update is because the team is working really really hard in the final stretch, polishing the game as we move into full launch,” Steel City Interactive said.

Undisputed’s Career mode includes a number of features that see you take your fighter from start to finish with the goal of becoming the best boxer of all time. Players will have the ability to hire coaches, negotiate fight contracts, delegate to management, choose opponents, titles to challenge for, fight promotion, and more.

“It’s a system where you are fully managing your fighter,” the studio says.

In addition to the character creator and career mode, a number of changes will be coming to the rest of the game, including gameplay. One new update comes in the form of a new gameplay effect called “flat-footed movement”.

“This happens when your fighter’s long-term stamina drops below a certain threshold,” Steel City says. “Your fighter will no longer be able to simply dance around the ring or move on their toes.”

Fighters will be able to recover and get back to normal movement, but it will require players to be smarter with their punches and general movement throughout a fight.

Undisputed is currently available in early access via Steam. For those hoping to see it on console, you’ll have to wait until it leaves early access. The game currently costs $30, but will raise in price with the launch of the new modes.

    1. From what I’ve been told for the past few years is that EA has a plan to bring it back and have both Fight Night and UFC games developed at the same studio. We’re working on trying to get an update on those plans.

  1. Tom said they delayed it for the last UFC game which has now come out so I’m curious too what happened since. Also why hasn’t anyone made a new Def Jam?

  2. I love how these guys took initiative and made their own boxing game I wish someone would do the same with Def Jam.

  3. Now all us console owners have to hope is that we get to see the game… at… all. I don’t have room for a PC (or at least one worth it’s salt) I hope they will eventually do that for us.

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