Undisputed Boxing Career Mode And Character Creator Delayed To 2024

Undisputed boxing career mode

The career mode for the boxing game Undisputed has been delayed after originally being announced for a release this fall.

In an 18-minute video on the game’s YouTube channel, creative director Ash Habib said that the mode has been delayed into 2024.

For career mode, the big news here is that we won’t be dropping career mode this year,” Habib said. “We are making some further improvements to career mode, but, essentially, we’re looking to drop it early next year.”

As far as why the delay and the announcement so late into the year, Habib said that the main reason was the studio “really wanted career mode to be in a place that [they] were happy with.”

With the mode expected to be the primary mode for players in the game, Habib says that improvements to areas like AI, career progression, and the economy were strong enough for the mode.

“It wasn’t a decision we made lightly,” Habib says, “but throughout the development process of Undisputed, quality is something that’s really important to us and not just rushing out updates.”

With the delay of the career mode, the character creator has also been pushed back to 2024.

“Character creator is going to ship alongside career mode,” Gameplay Director Will Kinsler said. “That’s necessary for career.”

Undisputed is available now in early access on PC via Steam. When it leaves early access, the game will also be available on consoles.

What are your thoughts on career mode and character creator for Undisputed boxing being delayed to 2024? For more Insider Gaming, check out the latest trailer for NCSoft’s upcoming “interactive movie game” Project M.

  1. So at least release Undisputed on consoles and update it frequently. We hungry for boxing over here. Been doin this since Ring Kings! Cmon now

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