Undisputed To Get Career Mode And Character Creator This Fall

Undisputed Boxing To Get Career Mode And Character Creator This Fall

Steel City Interactive has announced that Undisputed, its indie boxing game featuring many of the biggest stars in the sport, is set to get a career mode and character creator this fall.

The announcement came via the game’s social media and YouTube channels.

The career mode allows players to either use their created boxer or choose one of the game’s licensed fighters. The mode sees players build a team that includes a manager, coach, and cutman. Once a team is built, players will have to negotiate fights as well as train for the upcoming bouts.

Negotiations include the cut of the purse, rematch clauses, how much training you need before the fight, weight limits, and more. You can even choose what fighters you want to avoid throughout your career. Championships in the mode include IBF, WBO, and WBC titles.

Players will be able to choose to go through either men’s or women’s divisions in their careers. Character creator allows the creation of both men and women boxers, as well.

Both are set to launch in a beta state and receive numerous updates and fixes as the development of Undisputed continues. Because of it being in a beta state, some features like using created fighters online or a “robust amateur career” won’t be available when it first launches.

Undisputed first launched in early access on PC on January 31, and has received numerous updates since it became available. However, a career mode and creating your own boxer were two of the most requested features to be added to the game’s early access release since it launched.

When it leaves early access, Undipusted will be available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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