Ubisoft Creative Director Hints at Star Wars News in 2023

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Just under a year ago, we learned of Ubisoft’s intentions to create an open-world Star Wars experience like never before. In January 2021, Ubisoft and Lucasfilm announced a partnership that would bring a story-driven, open-world adventure set at the heart of the ‘Star Wars galaxy’.

However, details have been relatively thin on the ground since then, despite this seemingly being one hell of an enormous project. It’s massively ambitious, and it’ll utilise every ounce of Massive Entertainment’s (the Ubisoft studio developing the game) technological know-how and the Snowdrop engine that has powered the likes of The Division franchise.

Hours ago, a message was posted to Twitter by a Ubisoft creative director that may have hinted at more information being revealed soon.

May The News Be With You… Soon?

From what we already know, the Ubisoft Star Wars game will boast a fully open, seamless universe, akin to that found in No Man’s Sky. In the game, players will be able to jump between systems, immersing themselves in a vast galaxy bursting at the seams with activities.

At the heart of the game sits an in-depth, lengthy story, driven by a fully customisable character that walks a path chosen by the gamer themself. There are decades worth of lore, locations, weapons, and characters for Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment to draw from, so the game itself should be something special – it may even rival Starfield, which is due to launch in 2023.

Here’s a look at the tweet that may have confirmed news of their game coming this year (if even a ridiculously broad one):

When the Star Wars project was revealed almost a year ago, Julian Gerighty had nothing but great things to say about both the mission itself and the team involved. There are bold promises of this being a groundbreaking game, but it’ll take more than just the Star Wars name to carry it to success.

We want to make it a unique game in the saga with a captivating story and set of characters that players can relate to and connect with. We want to take what is familiar and resonant about Star Wars and tell the stories of new characters who have their own motivations and stakes.

Julian Gerighty

At present, Massive Entertainment is also working on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, an all-new adventure set in the Avatar universe. Given the enormous success of the newest movie in the franchise, this too could turn out to be a monumental product.

Insider Gaming understands that Disney wants a new Star Wars game every 6 months, with Ubisoft’s title being the eighth game confirmed to be in development for the Star Wars franchise.

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