Ubisoft Plans to Launch XDefiant Before March 31st

xdefiant play test

Ubisoft’s recent earnings call was a treasure trove of information for all who listened in – and more is being dug up from the notes as we speak. During the call, it was revealed that in Ubisoft’s Q4 – which runs from January to March 2024 – XDefiant ‘Season 0’ will be released. This is the first update we’ve had on a launch window for the highly anticipated shooter for months following postponements by Ubisoft.

Will It Make It?

While the team developing XDefiant has been relatively transparent, it never seems like there’s any good news coming out of the camp. From the game’s expected release window last summer, it has been nothing but negativity, with the team talking about rejections from Xbox and PlayStation, issues with netcode, and stability problems in the game’s development.

With that being said, the issues appear to be wrapped up as Ubisoft intends to release the first season of XDefiant before the end of March 2024.

XDefiant was one of the most exciting shooters to emerge last year, with the game undergoing popular beta phases that pulled in hundreds of thousands of players. As an innovative free-to-play shooter, it’ll challenge the likes of The Finals. Despite investment from Call of Duty pro players, it’s unlikely it’ll unseat COD as the unofficial champion of first-person shooter franchises, though.

We’ll have more on the XDefiant release date as soon as more is confirmed.

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