Ghosts of Tabor: Devs Are ‘Flattered’ by Tarkov Comparisons

ghosts of tabor tarkov vr

On February 8, Ghosts of Tabor ‘graduated’ to the Meta Quest Store, bringing a hardcore extraction shooter experience to VR devices on that platform for the first time. This ‘PvPvE’ game is reminiscent of Escape from Tarkov in many ways, but it turns out that the developers don’t mind comparisons being made between the two titles.

Tarkov is arguably the leader in the extraction shooter space and has worked hard to spearhead the popularisation of the genre over the last few years. Ghosts of Tabor offers something different in a VR environment rooted in realism, but fundamentally, it’s all the same thing.

I caught up with the game’s publisher, Beyond Frames, to see what they thought about the similarities.

Is Ghosts of Tabor Essentially Tarkov VR?

On Steam, Ghosts of Tabor was released almost a year ago, and in that time it has racked up thousands of positive reviews. Developed by Combat Waffle Studios, Ghosts of Tabor offers VR-based players an immersive and hyper-realistic experience complete with looting, combat, healing, and navigation mechanics.

On the surface, it’s relatively the same as Escape from Tarkov – it’s just a VR-enabled game. There are survival elements that require players to manage their hunger and thirst, a variety of AI-based enemies to fight in the wild, and a hideout with weapon upgrade paths and traders.

It has constantly been referred to as ‘Tarkov VR’, and there’s some credence to that claim, but I reached out to the publisher to get their thoughts on the notion:

The team is flattered by the comparisons to Tarkov. It’s really the top game in the genre, and I think every extraction shooter would be delighted to be seen in the same way as Tarkov is.

That being said, Tarkov doesn’t offer the type of immersion that VR can offer. Weapon realism is off the charts in Ghosts of Tabor, with reloading and operation closely mirroring real life counterparts.

If Battlestate ever wants to talk about making Tarkov VR, they’d be more than happy to take that call.

With Ghosts of Tabor’s recent graduation on Meta Quest, it’s now available for users on Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro, where it runs natively and is fully optimised for the platform. It’s doing more than enough to stand apart from Escape from Tarkov as an independent title with its unique elements, but even if those comparisons are being made, the team isn’t too fussed.

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