Nexon Believes The Finals is a ‘Major Franchise Pillar’

the finals

In a recent financial report published by Nexon, it was revealed that the publisher has immense faith in The Finals, the free-to-play first-person shooter that was shadowdropped in December 2023. Following the game’s release, it hit 10 million players in just a few days, and while the player count has dropped off since then, it has remained a popular and high-performing shooter.

Nexon spoke positively of The Finals in the financial update that was published to both update stakeholders on past performance and look forward to the future.

The Finals ‘Offers a Breath of Fresh Air’

In the recently published financial update, Nexon discussed revenue being down across most major pillars in 2024 but outlined The Finals as being a game that can ‘stimulate engagement’ and balance out the shortfall in other areas

Here’s what Nexon had to say about The Finals’ launch:

THE FINALS launched against a murderer’s row of entrenched games franchises, backed by
massive marketing budgets. Just two weeks after the December 8 launch, THE FINALS
scaled to more than 10 million installs, broke into the top five most popular games on Steam
and decisively outperformed our internal estimate for December.

In a simple term, Nexon said that “this game offers a clear opportunity to become a new and sustainable pillar of Nexon’s global franchise strategy.’

From the all-time high peak concurrent player count on Steam of 242,399, The Finals has dropped to an average 30-day player count of around 45,000 at the time of writing. That’s only one platform, though – and it’s still a handsome figure. There have been some teething issues with The Finals, including problems with cheaters disrupting the game, but the future looks bright for the shooter.

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