Twitch CMO Welcomes Competition From Rival Streaming Sites

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TwitchCon 2024 has wrapped up and all of the controversies and announcements from the showcase are out there and well documented. Following TwitchCon, the streaming giant’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Delphin, sat down with TechCrunch to give an interview about the future and format of the platform.

As this interview unfolded, Delphin talked at length about the concept of streamers ‘simulcasting’ and the potential threat of competition from other platforms – like Kick.

‘We’re Here To Support Content Creators’

In the interview with TechCrunch, Delphin spoke about the competitive struggle that has risen in recent years as other platforms have emerged in the streaming and content creation industries. However, she remained optimistic in her sentiments regarding the competitive nature of these platforms.

Ultimately, some folks have been getting really great opportunities, and our perspective has been that it’s great for them. And it’s good for livestreaming. And our experience has also been, I think, when there are more livestreams, there’s more people who are exposed to livestreaming, and that kind of content, that community’s interest in content – that’s good for us, and it’s good for streamers. It tends to expand the universe of livestreaming.

However, Delphin does still believe, of course, that Twitch is the ‘best home’ for streamers, considering the platform is ‘building the right products, having events, and engaging regularly.’ She explained how, at the end of the day, Twitch is there to support content creators, and if that means giving them the ‘freedom to explore’, then so be it.

In one powerful statement, Delphin stressed that Twitch has ‘been able to build something that transcends technology.’

Are you happy about Twitch’s service, or are you considering a move to Kick or YouTube?

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  1. They’re just saying this because they can’t compete with Kick. Kick is the future and Twitch should just shut down all the big names will sign to Kick because they actually have money.

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