Twitch’s CEO Was Giving Random Streamers a 70/30 Revenue Split

dan clancy twitch

Twitch’s new CEO appears to be making all the right steps since being appointed back in March. On the surface, Dan Clancy is a likeable, easygoing guy who harbours no ill will – even if he is a bit… Well, strange. During the TwitchCon showcase in Las Vegas, he took to the stage wearing a unique outfit that consisted of no footwear whatsoever, but to each his own, right?

You Get 70/30, You Get 70/30!

Recently, the eccentric CEO appeared in regal garb on an episode of AustinShow’s livestream, and he came bearing gifts for the viewers. At the peak of the show, he opted to give away ‘vouchers’ that would enable a couple of lucky streamers to unlock a 70/30 revenue split.

This has been a much-debated point in the recent history of the Twitch platform, with the site’s ‘Partners’ constantly crying out for a high revenue split that comes with as few catches as possible.

Twitch has attempted to deliver on that since Dan Clancy was made CEO, but there are still a few caveats to the offer.

It’s worth stressing that there were probably the same catches associated with the 70/30 vouchers that Dan Clancy gave away on stage, but it’s encouraging to see him embracing the entertaining side of content creation and having a little fun, despite being the CEO of the most populous streaming platform in the world.

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