Modern Warfare 3 PS5 Bundle Will Feature New Slim Console

Modern Warfare 3 PS5 Bundle

If you decide to pick up the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PlayStation 5 (PS5) bundle when it becomes available, it looks like you’ll be getting the new slim version of the console.

Based on a post by Zuby_Tech on Twitter, this will be the first bundle to feature the new console. It’s also likely that the new console will be in all future PlayStation 5 bundles.

Announced earlier this month after originally being reported by Insider Gaming, the new PlayStation 5 is nearly identical to the originals from 2020. The major differences being the overall size of the system as well as the detachable disc drive.

Both the new console itself, Modern Warfare 3, and the new bundle all launch on November 10. You can see what the detachable disc drive looks like in the image below.

PS5 Slim

Should you choose you just want the new console and not the bundle, it will cost $499.99 with the disc drive and $449.99 without it. There’s been no confirmation of the cost for the Modern Warfare 3 bundle.

Are you going to get the Modern Warfare 3 bundle knowing it comes with the new slim PS5? For more Insider Gaming, check out when you can get your hands on the Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster.

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