Payday 2 Is Ten Times More Popular Than Payday 3 Right Now

payday 3

Payday 3 hasn’t gotten off to the best start since being released at the end of September. It has suffered immeasurably at the hands of network-based issues that have plagued the community, pushing many players off the platform just as soon as they jumped onto it. It was a compelling case of ‘insult to injury’ as a few months back, the developer, Starbreeze, opted to make Payday 3 always online, thus inadvertently exacerbating this issue.

Time to Retreat?

By way of a response to the ongoing issues with Payday 3 – which Starbeeze has claimed is due to a third-party vendor – thousands of players have retreated to the relative safety of 2013’s Payday 2. At the time of writing, Payday 3 boasts a measly count of 2,725 players on Steam (as a representative example), while Payday 2 is enjoying a considerable climb in popularity and has 24,695 players on the platform.

On Steam, 60% of all user reviews for Payday 3 are negative – which isn’t an overwhelmingly high number, but it is indicative of the community’s sentiments.

For weeks, players have been awaiting the inevitable patch that’ll fix many of the issues being experienced in Payday 3, but it keeps getting delayed, which is hardly helping the situation.

Many players have now written off Payday 3 – are you one of them?

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