Twitch: Banned Users Can No Longer Watch Your Streams

twitch banned users

Twitch has now started rolling out the feature that was touted a couple of months ago that allows streamers to ban users from their channel, which subsequently stops that user from viewing their content. It’s not without its limitations, but it’s a feature that is being welcomed by the Twitch community at large, as it’s just another mechanic that’ll allow them to combat malicious viewers and trolls.

It’s Easy To Get Around, Though

Twitch’s new feature is being rolled out over the coming weeks, and eventually, it’ll be available for all streamers on the platform. This was confirmed by Twitch’s support team in a recent tweet, and while it’s reassuring that such a feature is coming, it has some heavy limitations that make it easy to circumvent.

For instance, users who aren’t logged into their Twitch accounts can still view the streamer’s content – and those who are using incognito browsers can, too. Not only that but past content (such as any saved VODs or clips) can also be viewed. There are some concerns here and, at present, few solutions.

For instance, it could be suggested that Twitch implements a feature where users must be signed in to view someone’s stream, which would be easy enough to do. However, it would have a hit on discoverability and viewership – but that’s not so much of a concern for some of the biggest creators on the platform.

How would you handle these loopholes?

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