Could Dr Disrespect Make a Return to Twitch?

dr disrespect

The CEO of Twitch – Dan Clancy – has gone on record discussing the possibility that permanently banned streamers might be granted clemency and be allowed back on the streaming platform. This prompted a wildfire debate with users the world over putting forward all manner of banned Twitch streamers that might deserve one of these second chances – and one key figure that stood out was Dr Disrespect.

In the summer of 2020, Dr Disrespect, arguably one of the most recognisable streamers in the world, was banned from Twitch, seemingly for no reason. There was a lengthy and mysterious saga that followed that culminated in the Two Time raising plans to sue Twitch over his ban. It was all put to bed and he seems happy with his new home on YouTube, but could a return to Twitch be on the cards?

Will Dr Disrespect Go Back to Twitch?

Near the beginning of 2022, Dr Disrespect posted a rather final message to Twitter, stressing that his ‘legal dispute’ with Twitch had been amicably resolved – and left it at that. Since then, he has remained vocal about streaming platforms, even going as far as to smear Twitch a little, but for the most part, the whole ‘Dr Disrespect permabanned’ discussion dried up.

I mean, we still don’t really know why he was permanently banned from Twitch, but that might not matter anymore.

In a recent interview, the CEO of Twitch, Dan Clancy, explained that the platform’s leadership team is ‘contemplating’ giving permabanned users a second chance. He said:

This is an area that we are looking at to figure out what’s the right way to give people another chance … The tricky thing is, you need to do this in a scalable way. Whenever you talk about one specific example, one specific person, people forget that we need to have a similar opportunity for that affiliate that had five concurrent viewers that did it, as we do for these big streamers.

He stressed that it needs to be done as fairly as possible and that it’ll take some time to get that right – but it’s on the table for sure.

Shortly after his confirmation that the situation had been cleared up in March 2022, Dr Disrespect stated that he wouldn’t be returning to Twitch… But that was because he couldn’t.

So, if Dan Clancy rocked up to the arena and asked the Doc if he’d like to come back to Twitch, would the man himself agree? Could we see the Champions Club make its way back to Twitch, or is Dr Disrespect too comfortable with YouTube now?

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