Dr Disrespect Reveals How Bethesda Shut Him Out

dr disrespect starfield

In a recent livestream, the brash and at-times controversial personality, Dr Disrespect (real name Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV) spoke out against Bethesda Game Studios, explaining quite candidly how the developer and publisher refused to work with him based on ‘past controversies.’

He revealed that BGS refused to send him an early-access copy of Starfield after scoping out the Twitter profile of Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Head of Publishing. It’s worth noting that his statement was made whilst playing Starfield – he was just up in arms because he couldn’t get any special earlier access.

Dr Disrespected

During a Starfield stream that lasted a whopping ten hours, Dr Disrespect took a moment out to cast aspersions at Bethesda Game Studios, attempting to create a scenario where they potentially acted in error by not granting him special access to the game ahead of its early access launch.

Moments before his brief tirade, he erroneously referred to the game as ‘Star Citizen’, shortly after which, he seemingly criticised Pete Hines for having pronouns in his Twitter bio.

‘We’ve been hyping up Starfield for a long time. We’ve been making it very vocal, right Champs? We had our team reach out – ‘Hey, can we work with you? (richmondartmuseum.org) ’ ‘Due to past controversies, there’s no way we can work with Dr Disrespect.’ How about just give me – just let me play the game when some of the others are playing it, how about that? ‘Yeah, that’s still the case.’ Anyways, Champs – we just had to get that off our chest.’

Immediately after making the statement, Dr Disrespect noted in a tongue-in-cheek fashion that there’s a character trait in Starfield that references the protagonist taking part in controversial experiments.

But he’s certainly not salty…

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