First Dead Island 2 Story Expansion Coming Next Month

First Dead Island 2 Story Expansion

Deep Silver has announced that the first Dead Island 2 story expansion is launching next month.

Releasing on November 2, the “Haus” expansion will see players investigate a cult in Malibu.

“Haus gives players an entirely new storyline to smash zombies through,” the announcement says. “Amidst the Zompocalypse, a billionaire’s secret techno-death cult fights for survival in Haus, where humanity is unleashed from its moral restraints.

The group’s leader, Konstantin, prophesizes that this is the “paragon of a new future.” It’s up to players to prove them wrong.”

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Haus will be set in a brand-new location in Malibu. There will also be new weapons to use in order to take out waves of enemies.

From the release:

  • K-ROSSBOW – Crafted for precision and lethality, unleash devastating long-range firepower and explode zombified brains with ease.
  • Hog Roaster – The ultimate ticket to visceral slaying. Why only butcher a zombie when you can BBQ them at the same time?
  • Dead Islands – To take the weight off your shoulders whilst you smash undead enemies into oblivion.
  • Eight New Skill Cards –Embellish your slayer with an expanded arsenal of skills.

The Haus expansion will be available on all platforms. If you’ve purchased the expansion pass, you’ll have access to it when it launches. If not, you can purchase it separately.

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