Ubisoft Publishes ‘First Week Stats’ For Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Assassin's Creed Mirage Gets New Game Plus

It was almost a week ago that Assassin’s Creed Mirage was released, and while it hasn’t moved mountains, it has proven to be a hit within the community at large. It’s a return to form for the series, offering players an adventure that can be completed within around fifteen hours that’s spread across a map more akin to the pre-Origins games.

To celebrate that first week of play, Ubisoft has taken to social circles to share some interesting data. While the social team neglected to provide any solid figures, there was a reference that the number of players on Mirage in this first week is ‘in line with’ Origins and Odyssey. Reportedly, Origins hit around 1.5 million sales in the first week – has Mirage secured a similar figure?

To The Numbers

In lieu of concrete player numbers, Ubisoft parted ways with some interesting data that doesn’t really tell us too much about the size and scope of Mirage at present. In the last week, the following data points have been recorded:

  • 479 years spent parkouring the rooftops of Baghdad
  • 60 million Leaps of Faith
  • 1.2 million street cats pet

Personally, I don’t know if those numbers really add up. I’ve pet a cat once in my entire playthrough but I’ve performed a Leap of Faith probably more than one hundred times. But who am I to question what’s coming from the horse’s mouth?

In closing, it was also noted that Assassin’s Creed Mirage is Ubisoft’s biggest new-gen launch in terms of unit sales – so that’s something.

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    1. That is simply not true. Odyssey was the peak of what an AC game should be. Sadly, with Valhalla and now Mirage the series has stopped rising and now going down the other side of the mountain. I will say that Mirage is better than Valhalla but too many changes keeps it on the descent. After Origin and then the amazing Oyssey I was ecstatic for the franchise. Odyssey was perfect in regards to gameplay mechanics, free roam an endless opportunities, even if a little repetitive, it worked. Then Valhalla was announced ans from the first trailer it looked to be another great step forward, but after playing it it became painfully clear that it took several giant steps backwards. I had hoped that they had learned from their mistakes on Valhalla and would return to form for Mirage. Sadly, I was wrong. But there’s always hope for the future.

  1. I have purchased every assassins creed game that’s out and everyone of them has been awesome but mirage is the biggest joke. I paid 59$ for the game and I got 31 hours of play before I beat the game. I will not buy another assassins creed game ever again!!!!!!

  2. The game play is not that good. Weapons selections sucked, and melees are aweful. Assasin engagements are good. Oh yes climbing long towers is not stimulating like in the past. FIX THIS!

  3. I am personally not happy with this game. The gameplay is too short! I am already done with The Order. Map way to small, no Animus, no mythical stuff. I am playing it because I paid for it but that DOES NOT mean because of sales that it means it was a success. We all bought it and are going to get our $ worth but they should NOT use those stats to prove it was a success.

  4. Why don’t you numtpies learn about the game before buying. This is not a full AC release and never was. It was originally a DLC for Valhalla and always designed to be short. It’s a filler while the next AC title is completed and perfectioned using your feedback. Your feedback is non constructive and irrelevant.

  5. People hate on AC when it’s huge saying “it’s bloated”.
    People hate on AC when they narrow the scope down saying “it’s too short”.

    They give people options. Don’t preorder and just play the types you like. Win.

    1. I agree I have around 27 hrs.in I love assassin’s Creed games. My top 2 favorites are Black Flag and Rouge

  6. This game is a major disappointment! One it took less than 8 hours to finish which is ridiculous for $50!!! But coming on the heels of valhalla which in my opinion was a masterpiece and truly one of the greatest games ever made in which I logged 320+ hours before 100% completion was reached. So I had high expectations for mirage but they were quickly dashed when I saw basically all the smaller quests, side games and fun features were stripped and a boring story with super forgettable characters was the only thing available. You can tell they basically fed AI every middle eastern name imaginable and had it spit a lazy story out. Total disappointment. I went back to start valhalla over just to remember what a good game was like. That game had actual writing based on real historical figures and they created an amazing character in Eivor and the Raven clan. Even the Basim of valhalla was a better character than the main character Basim of mirage. I’m convinced it was a lazy money grab and nothing more.

  7. One of the most versions ever made. I played every single AC, and I can easily say that Unity and Mirage are the biggest successes that was made in the franchise. And perhaps the above comments, for example the weapon variety issue, having 5-6 upgrade of weapon was never something realistic. Second the climing, it was made the realest thing ever so that the game doesn’t become easy and you could not climb here and there. The in-game market sounds, the people talking with each other, shouting at a thief after being robbed. The holy prayer after midnight..Do I need to say more? Just stop complaining and start admiring.
    Thank you UBISOST BORDEAUX ❤️.

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