Troy Baker Voices Indiana Jones in The Great Circle

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Indiana Jones and The Great Circle was officially revealed today by MachineGames during the Xbox Developer Direct showcase. Shortly after, it was confirmed that none other than Troy Baker is the voice of the titular character – which some sharp-eared gamers had already picked up on following the delivery of the trailer.

In a post by Entertainment Weekly confirming the news, it was revealed that Troy Baker also provided motion capture performances for the character – which the prolific actor is by no means a stranger to.

He Can Do Anything

Troy Baker is one of the most popular and well-known voiceover artists in the business, having appeared as main characters in titles like The Last of Us, Shadow of Mordor, Saints Row IV, BioShock Infinite, Fort Solis, Far Cry 4, and countless other productions. His career spans thirty years, and now he’s lending his vocal talents to Indiana Jones in The Great Circle.

Revealed today, it was confirmed that Indiana Jones and The Great Circle will be released later in 2024, which we accurately reported on last week. In the trailer, an epic, globetrotting adventure was uncovered, with players assuming control of Indie from a first-person perspective, solving puzzles and getting into intense fights against enemies on land and in the air.

Here’s the trailer:

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle has a solid cast and it looks authentic through and through. Some have issues with the first-person perspective of the game, but it looks brilliant at first blush. We’ll inevitably see much more in follow-up reveals ahead of the game’s release this year.

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