Indiana Jones and The Great Circle Gameplay Revealed

indiana jones gameplay PS5

MachineGames has revealed the first-ever gameplay of Indiana Jones and The Great Circle during the Xbox Developer Direct showcase. It has been more than three years since this game was teased by Bethesda, and now, we finally have our first glimpse at Indiana Jones gameplay.

It’s a first-person title after all, which some players were hoping wouldn’t be the case. Regardless, it looks fantastic at first blush, bursting at the seams with all the puzzles and whip-snapping action you’d come to expect from an Indie adventure.

In addition to the gameplay, it has been revealed that the game will be released later in 2024, as we revealed recently.

That’s Great

Last week, Insider Gaming exclusively revealed that Indiana Jones was set to release in 2024, soon after, trademarks revealed that the game was called ‘Indiana Jones and The Great Circle’.

In the showcase that revealed the game, Todd Howard said he’d wanted to make an Indiana Jones game ‘forever’ and that MachineGames was the best studio for the task, with Howard stressing they were overwhelmingly excited to piece together this project.

The trailer boasted an authentic soundtrack, classic one-liner quips, and more high-octane, death-defying action than you can shake your ancient artefacts at. There are scenes featuring hardcore fisticuff-based fights, intense dogfights, and stealthy sequences that lead the player through ancient tombs and structures.

From New York to Rome and from Africa to the Himalayas, Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is a globetrotting adventure.

You can read the rest of our Xbox Develop Direct coverage here and watch the full show on YouTube here.

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  1. It looks horrible all their games look horrible why is that? Halo, Starfield, Redfall, Avowed, Indy, Clockwork Revolution, all these games look like early 360 games. Double Fine teased an announcement a while ago but still no reveal? Xbox needs new management. New Blood looks better than all of these games.

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