Popular Leaker “The Snitch” Quits Leaking Games

He’s arguably one of the most accurate video game leakers there is, but in an exclusive interview with Insider Gaming, The Snitch has said he’s stopping leaking to focus on his discord server.

I’ve had the privilege to speak to The Snitch on a number of occasions these past 6 or so months, and I’ve even worked with him on some gaming exclusives, but all good things must come to an end.

I sat down with The Snitch earlier today to talk about why he’s quitting, why he leaked video games in the first place, and what’s next for him.

Why are you leaving the scene?

If you paid attention, I have never leaked anything related to small studios. I am fully aware of the damage that even a small and simple leak can do to the work of people that have spent many months or years on a game. In fact, we can say that I have dedicated myself to giving clues for users to speculate, rather than just direct leaking.

It’s going to sound narcissistic and pushy, but I’m sure I even helped some events get more visibility. It’s been quite an exciting year and 2023 is looking amazing, with a number of amazing games, but let’s face it, it’s not so much fun [for me] leaking new announcements anymore.

In the end, users only want to know when GTA VI will be released, or if Messi will be a new Fortnite character. It’s something that doesn’t interest me. Secondly, I’m a very busy person. Before my first tweet, my relationship with this social network [Twitter] has been minimal. Even the day I created my Discord server, it was a real disaster due to my ignorance of realizing the importance of these platforms.

So I just want to focus on new projects and currently, I’m happy enough with the community I’ve created on Discord.

Why did you start leaking video games?

The main idea was to publish “Overdose“, so that the day this new Hideo project was officially announced, I could show it to my friends between beers and have a laugh. Of course, then I saw the reception it had and wanted to do more.

Why did you choose to leak games with cryptic tweets instead of writing for a publication where presumably you’d make money from them?

Because it’s the most fun. What is the use of posting: “Final Fantasy: Rebirth is coming to X platforms”? Yes, I could make money, probably gain 10k new followers and boost my ego, but then again, it’s not fun.

There was nothing better than posting a tweet and watching everyone come up with crazy new ideas about what it could mean.

How did you keep your identity a secret all this time?

It’s the internet, you can’t trust anyone. Twitter is a toxic social network, where if you lift a stone, you’ll find harassment. I don’t need a blue tick next to my username, or reach X amount of followers to feel fulfilled. The goal was always fun, and I think I accomplished that.

There are some theories that you work for a company that has access to trailers like YouTube, a marketing firm, a rating board, or something else. Is that right?

It’s a fun theory.

What’s next for you? Will you be back?

My idea is to focus on my Discord. The community we have built is incredible. It’s a space where you can talk about video games, speculate, and news, where there is not even a trace of console warfare. We are currently 8,000 members strong, and hopefully, many more will join.

You can find The Snitch over on his Discord Server here.