FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards, Centurions, and TOTY Release Dates & Details

Sources, who have given Insider Gaming accurate details on all of FIFA 23 events so far have said that the next three events will be Winter Wildcards, Centurions, and Team of The Year (TOTY).

Due to the nature of how the dates are obtained, the events could launch/end one day prior to the dates given in this article.

FIFA Winter Wildcards will start on December 23, 2022. FIFA Centurions will start as soon as FIFA Winter Wildcards concludes on January 6th, and last until January 17th.

FIFA TOTY will go live on January 10th, with the Attacker vote starting on January 20th and concluding on February 1st.

As described on the EA website for Winter Wildcards for FIFA 22, “the Winter Wildcards campaign will have the opportunity to earn Wildcard Tokens”. Last year, 24 Wildcard Tokens were made available across various Squad Building Challenges and Objectives, plus one additional token was offered in a pack in the FUT Store.

No details on what the FIFA 23 Centurions event will entail have yet been given.

FIFA 23 TOTY is arguably one of FIFA’s biggest events, as it contains some of the best cards to ever feature in each year’s game. As this will be the last FIFA TOTY as we know it, it should be a special one.

2021 saw some exciting attacking displays across many tournaments from all across the planet. Last year, Paris Saint-Germain superstar Lionel Messi and Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski lead the FIFA 22 TOTY Final XI, with both players being given 98-rated FUT TOTY player items.

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