Sources – FIFA 23 World Cup Event Detailed

FIFA 23‘s World Cup event is set to kick off in November, with sources outlining what the current programming will look like throughout the event. It’s understood that the event will have almost back-to-back events throughout the promotion.

November 9th will officially start the World Cup event, with the FIFA 23 World Cup mode starting. The event will kick off with players being able to earn new and legendary players for free by playing the mode. This “free player” event will continue until January 3rd, 2023.

FIFA 23 first event, “World Cup Path to Glory”, will start on November 11th and end on November 23rd. The Path to Glory event will include the FIFA 23 FUT Heroes via a staggered set of two squad releases within the two weeks of the event.

On November 25th, a FIFA 23 FUT “Road to World Cup” event will start and end on December 2nd.

This Road to World Cup event will include 35 World Cup Icons and will be made available via a staggered squad release throughout the event.

On December 2nd, a FIFA 23 FUT “World Cup Stories” will begin and end on December 9th. No further details were given on this event.

More events are scheduled to take place in December, with another event scheduled to start on December 9th, but sources were unable to give details on the event.

This means there are at least four events within the FIFA 23 World Cup promotion.


  • November 9th – World Cup Promotion Starts
  • November 11th – World Cup Path to Glory Event
  • November 25th – Road to World Cup Event
  • December 2nd – World Cup Stories Event
  • December 9th – Unknown World Cup Event


  • December 9th – World Cup Phenoms
  • December 16th – World Cup TOTT

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