YouTuber DanAllenGaming Exposed as being “TheRealInsider”

Gaming YouTube “DanAllenGaming” is allegedly the person behind the increasingly popular “@TheRealInsider” on Twitter.

In a bizarre twist, it appears that Dan forgot to change his Twitter profile when replying to someone that was asking a question to TheRealInsider on Twitter.

It’s alleged that Dan Allen Gaming is TheRealInsider after its account was deleted almost immediately after the screenshot was posted. In addition, @DanAllenGaming on Twitter has also been deleted.

The news might not be substantial to some, but the apparent mistake from Dan has meant that he’s very likely been caught breaking NDA information that has been signed.

TheRealInsider became increasingly popular following a leak that revealed all of the Assassin’s Creed titles that would be released by Ubisoft.

It’s unclear what exactly will happen, but Insider Gaming has requested comment from Dan following the termination of both TheRealInsider and DanAllenGaming.

Dan did not respond before the publication of this article.

UPDATE: Dan Allen has since taken to Twitter and admitted his wrongdoing.

In a private response to Insider Gaming, Dan said that this is the “biggest mistake I’ve made and I’m utterly ashamed and remorseful”.

UPDATE #2: Dan Allen Gaming has since taken to his YouTube channel to apologize. In his apology, Dan admitted to breaking NDA’s material of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, but stated that the majority of the “leaks” were educated guesses. The Silent Hill rumor was one “leak” in particular that Dan had admitted to be false.

Dan said that the reason for the account was because of the “clout” and the “buzz of thousands of people waiting on what you’re going to say”. He continued with an apology to the community, content creators, journalists, developers, and PR which whom he’s built up long-term relationships over the years.

You can watch Dan’s full video below:

  1. You’d think that a YouTuber running an account that repeatedly leaked NDA content would know that staying logged into both accounts on the same device would inevitably lead to this…

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