The GTA 6 Delay Isn’t What You Think

GTA 6 Delay

Last week, the gaming world was up in arms when a report from Kotaku claimed that Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 was at risk of being delayed into 2026 due to development allegedly falling behind.

This lead to Take-Two Interactive shares dropping and panic setting in on social media.

After the Kotaku report went live, I asked around to a number of sources close to the game’s development. Each one that spoke said that game was “on schedule” and that any suggestion of a GTA 6 delay at this point in development is “pure conjecture”.

Three days later, the outlet corrected their story by adding that “while early 2025 was at one point possible, it’s no longer the target for [GTA 6’s] launch.”

With the game’s release being so far out, talk of a delay made little-to-no sense to those asked. Rockstar is moving forward with the game, including a return to office mandate, to get the game to hit its 2025 release date. In fact, there hasn’t been anything to suggest, according to those who spoke on condition of anonymity, that the game is falling behind in anyway at this point.

As far as an early 2025 release date for GTA 6, it was never going to be within the first couple of months of the year.

On Thursday, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier discussed the game’s development via his Game On newsletter.

Schreier mentions that while there’s a possibility of the game falling out of 2025, there’s no way to know for sure what will happen 21 months from now. He adds that “thousands of people” are working on the game, “many in their own silos where they are writing code for weather physics or recording actor performances or hunting for bugs on the streets of fake Miami.”

Schreier added, which corroborates with what sources have said, “but for now, there’s no indication that anything significant has changed.”

What do you think of GTA 6, and do you think the game will ultimately see a delay? For more Insider Gaming, read about what’s been going on behind the scenes at Ubisoft surrounding the development of XDefiant.

    1. Yes! I wish Rockstar would go back to the other franchises I was a Midnight Club 3 remake, Manhunt remake, or new installments of those series it’s been too long. I don’t like this modern GTA.

  1. It is better to work longer and fix all bugs before release. They should release game in 2026

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