ArenaNet Possibly Returning to Develop Guild Wars 3

Guild Wars 2

During a new NCSoft shareholder meeting, Acting Chairman Park Byeong-moo appeared to suggest that ArenaNet could return to develop Guild Wars 3.

Loosely translated, they said that “ArenaNet has a meaningful IP called Guild Wars, and after Guild Wars 2, they are currently working on Guild Wars 3”.

It’s important to note that this was only translated, so it’s unclear if ArenaNet is already in active development on the game.

But at the very least, the statement does seem to confirm that Guild Wars 3 is on the way. Further, it suggests that NCSoft approves of ArenaNet returning in some capacity.

NCSoft has not announced anything officially at this time.

Guild Wars 2

NCSoft and ArenaNet both worked on previous installments in the series. Guild Wars 2 released in 2022 to strong reviews from critics and fans. It still maintains “Very Positive” reviews on Steam, praised for its expansive open world and lore.

Naturally, the shareholder meeting was hardly an official announcement, so Park Byeong-moo didn’t have other details to reveal. But if ArenaNet is already working on Guild Wars 3, NCSoft could make some official announcements sooner than later.

Guild Wars remains an exemplary MMORPG that dates back to the early thousands. There are still plenty of fans that would welcome another entry from the same developer.

Last November, NCSoft announced a global business partnership with Sony. NCSoft’s Taekjin Kim said that “we will deliver a new and enjoyable experience to our audience across and beyond genres and regions”.

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