Tarkov Gets New Event, Invincible Boss, and More Snow


Escape from Tarkov fans, rejoice! Battlestate Games has opted to bring snow back in the game’s latest update, which also introduces a brand-new event named ‘Maslenitsa’. There’s one thing troubling players about this new update, though – there appears to be a new, unnamed boss character strolling around, and he’s invincible. If you aggro him, say goodbye to everything you own, as he’s unforgiving and lethal – and kind of looks like Zryachiy’s brother.

What’s The New Tarkov Event All About?

The new Tarkov event is themed around Maslenitsa, a Slavic holiday that’s otherwise known as ‘pancake week’. During Maslenitsa, people will burn or drown effigies that are meant to resemble winter – so it’s effectively an ushering in of the spring season. In Escape from Tarkov, the festival is represented by a series of bonfires that must be lit around every map using tracer rounds – but that’s only the beginning.

There are three new quests as part of the event. Firstly, there’s ‘The Spring Never Changes’, which is a community-wide event that is inviting players around the world to collectively ignite one million bonfires. Then there’s ‘The Evil Spirits’, which commands players to kill one of the new faction members – a ‘Follower of Morana’ – a masked wintery menace of an enemy.

Finally, there’s ‘The Granny’s Tales’, which will request that players kill fifty of these new enemies – which are tougher than your average Scav and can give you ‘frostbite’ effects if you linger near them for too long. They’re nowhere near as tough as the ‘invincible’ boss, though:

Players can unlock exclusive rewards and a stack of XP for completing these tasks and fighting the Followers of Morana around Tarkov, but they’re being forced to do so in the snow. That’s right, that noisy, crunchy, super-bright stuff is back, but it’s expected to only be around for a few days.

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