CD Projekt Updates Game Pipeline and Dev Count

cd projekt

CD Projekt has released an update on social media highlighting the state of play for every game it has in production. This update included a visual of the split between its resources regarding development-focused manpower. It was revealed that a whopping 64% of developers are focused on Polaris, the next game in the Witcher franchise that will kick off an all-new trilogy, and 627 developers all told are working across Cyberpunk 2077, Polaris, Orion, Sirius, Hadar, and other projects.

The State of Play

It was revealed that nothing is ‘in development’ at CD Projekt. Instead, most of the company’s projects are in the pre-production or concept phases. The new IP that will be developed by CD Projekt Red is in the IP concept phase, while Orion (the next Cyberpunk game) and The Witcher Remake are both in the concept phase.

Polaris, the next single-player Witcher title, is in pre-production, as is Sirius, the multiplayer-focused title set in the same universe.

One of the graphics posted on social media revealed that just 17 developers are still working on Cyberpunk 2077 in some capacity. The final major updates rolled out for the open-world, rags-to-riches title weeks ago, but there are still plenty of players that will need supporting until the game ‘dies out’.

Elsewhere, 403 developers are assigned to Polaris, which accounts for more than 64% of CDP’s developer workforce. Only 20 developers are working to flesh out the IP concept for Hadar, which is CDPR’s most mysterious game.

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