Gearbox Layoffs Hit Staff Hours After Being Sold By Embracer

Gearbox Take-Two

It took less than a day for employees at Gearbox Entertainment to be hit with layoffs after being sold by Embracer Group.

According to multiple posts on social media, a number of people are no longer working for Gearbox after it was announced that the company is being purchased by Take-Two Interactive.

“Along with countless others, I’ve just been informed I’ve been laid off at Gearbox,” former PR manager Jennifer Locke posted on Twitter. “It really was a dream come true working on this team, and I’m incredibly grateful for my time here.”

Senior User Research Investigator also posted on the platform saying, “I just lost my job.”

“Following the exciting news of the Take-Two Interactive & Gearbox Entertainment merger last night, I, like many others, received the unfortunate news this morning that my position will no longer be required,” former director of online engagement Chris Harada posted on LinkedIn.

“After three incredible years at Gearbox, my journey with the company has concluded.”

Another former PR staff member, Steve Prince, also confirmed on LinkedIn that he was among the cuts.

As of writing, it’s unclear how many people were impacted by the layoffs.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Gearbox and Take-Two Interactive for comment on the layoffs. Should a response be received, this story will be updated accordingly.

When the deal closes, Take-Two will acquire Gearbox for $460 million. The entirety of the purchase will be paid to Embracer in the form of new common stock.

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  1. This was to avoid that but now they’re being sold and laid off. More layoffs on the way and closures for Embracer studios.

  2. Not to sound callous but is there any informatiin on if it was developers as well or redundancies. Cause I’d imagine the current p.r. team that take-two employs is bigger than the current team that gearbox has.

    1. Randy is not running charity. Why would he keep paying people he does not need? They can be more useful elsewhere.

  3. Good, fire all the useless woke morons that have turned Borderlands into a fucking joke.

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