The Finals Became Popular, And Then The Cheaters Found It

the finals cheaters

It’s the beginning of the end – The Finals has become the latest target for cheat providers following the overwhelming success of its open beta, which is live now. In my first few games of The Finals, I can attest to coming face-to-face with cheaters, but that was late last week, and since then, the issue has reportedly gotten much worse.

On Twitter, the ‘Anti-Cheat Police Department’ identified that ‘huge P2C vendors’ have targeted The Finals and have started selling cheat bundles that many players are actively snapping up, securing aimbot and wallhack exploits, amongst other things.

Fun While It Lasted

Nothing is sacred in FPS gaming anymore. From CS to VALORANT, Call of Duty to Battlefield, and Halo to The Finals, cheaters find their way into every competitive multiplayer game that comes online. It’s reprehensible and is a practice reserved solely for those who have absolutely nothing better to do than to spoil the entertainment of others.

What’s even more embarrassing is the amount that people will pay to secure some of these cheat bundles – to ‘be the best’ at a beta, for example.

The Finals is the debut title from Embark Studios, a small developer that was stood up a few years ago by ex-Battlefield executives. It’s a solid game that boasts some innovative mechanics and it could honestly be a fantastic shooter, but now that there’s a plague of cheaters to deal with, Embark may have a harder time establishing a strong reputation for the game ahead of its launch.

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  1. Everyone is only thinking about pc players, but can anyone think that Asian console players or for that matter global console players shouldn’t have to suffer from cheaters from pc, and the finals cross-platform mechanic of simply matching pc and console directly is ridiculous and stupid. Why can’t console players just match the rest of the console players by default? Wouldn’t it be easier to just let console players enter the pc match pool only when they need to team up with pc players?

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